President of the Council of the Congress of Bosniak Intellectuals (VKBI)
Atif Purivatra, PhD

Secretary General of the VKBI
Jusuf Ziga, PhD

President of the Executive board of the VKBI
Avdo Sofradzija, PhD

Members of the Executive board of the VKBI
Sefkija Cekic, PhD
Mr. Ibrahim Colakhodzic
doc.dr. Sacir Filandra
Sabira Hadzovic, PhD
mr. Avdo Hebib
Kemal Hrelja, PhD
Semsudin Music,
Fikret Muslimovic, brigadni general
Mustafa ef. Spahic, professor
Arif Zulic, professor

The headquaterts of the VKBI is in Sarajevo,
Valtera Perica 13
71000 Sarajevo


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Transfer account: 10100-678-41362
Foreign-exchange currency account: 10100-678-2041362


- How to survive

A War Congress of Bosnian Muslim intellectuals was held in Sarajevo on December 12,1992 and gathered over 800 participators.

It was imposed by the dramatic situation in which was Bosniak nation, surviving the most fatal days in its long history. The aggression on B&H and genocide against Bosniaks, the defense of the country and the perspective of B&H, as elementary suppositions for biological and spiritual survival of Bosniaks, have determined the contents of this meeting. After 64 years (the first Congress of Muslim intellectuals was held in 1928) individual intellect and talent of Bosniaks is trying to be joined in a collective being which will resist to historical oblivion, imposed for decades. This oblivion enabled genocide against Bosniaks, conducted by the same executors and in almost the same way, while the victim is always taken by surprise and reluctant for defense.


- Analysis of the past and the vision of upcoming

Therefore, the War Congress took the obligation to renew and supplement its own historic memory and to organize the life so Bosniaks would never again depend on others mercy and help. The Resolution of the Congress has the clear message that there will be place in B&H for all of those who were not engaged in crimes. Bosniak intellectuals see B&H as a multicultural, multi-ethnic and multi-confessional community in which everyone will have. They want judicial, democratic and modern country where human rights will be respected, as well as national and religious freedoms and feelings of all residents and nations in B&H.


- The mission of peace and progress

One of the most important decisions of the War Congress is the establishment of the Council of the Congress of Bosniak intellectuals. The Council has the mission of the establishing conditions in which Bosniaks themselves will make decisions about their future. Besides the analysis of the historic experience and drawing out certain consequences, the main task of the Council is to consider the future national and social progress of Bosniak people. To successfully accomplish this mission, the Council has to ensure the deepest penetration of Bosniak intellectuals with their people.


- Vital interests of Bosniaks

Working in extremely hard belligerent conditions, the Council of the Congress of Bosniak intellectuals organized tens of sessions, meetings and thematic discussions about the most important issues of the fight for survival of Bosnia and Bosniaks. Since Council's work has been based on the scientific truth and intellectual honesty, acting as open democratic forum which gathers representatives of all nations in B&H and foreign citizens, the session of the Council of the Congress of Bosniak intellectuals was affirmed as a avoiding factor in the establishment of the vision of new civilized society of free people and free nations. Having daily reactions on numerous events and processes which threatened to endanger peace, integrity and unification of B&H, the Council got the reputation and respect in the eyes of its nations and all others. It also importantly influenced the awakening of public opinion, progressive thoughts and consciousness. This activity draw the attention of international factors which are finding a partner within the Council, whose opinion is respected.


- National and cultural affirmation

The Council of the Congress of Bosniak intellectuals has developed a very well accepted publishing activity and got into the line of productive publishers in B&H. There were over 70 publications only in the edition "Session" and they all have a large number of readers because of their actuality. Library "Arabeska," with about 10 editions, and the library "Special editions," with 20 titles, represent a respectful project to fill the huge gap that ruled for long time in scientific and political journalism related to Bosniaks, their history, culture and tradition and a worth try to give a momentary respond to numerous questions, to analyze events, social flows and processes.


- A creative stimulus

The Council has created the Fond "Muhsin Rizvic" which, on the basis of a public competition, gives awards for the best works in Bosniak literature and Bosnian language, financial supports for the elaboration of doctor's dissertations and scholarships for students from these fields.


- In the accordance with the challenges of time

At the end of bloody Bosnian drama, the Council of the Congress of Bosniak intellectuals faced the challenges of political fight for independence and survival of B&H and Bosniaks. Believing that B&H can survive only if it becomes the alliance of people capable of living on their work, the Council has established Business center which will organize business cooperation, stimulus private companies and establish a lasting communication between businessmen in the country and abroad, through information and education, a series of researching, developing and information projects, promoting actions and initiatives. Its own mind should bear the main intellectual burden of the development and transition. According to its program determinations, authority and intellectual capacities, the Council of the Congress of the Bosniak intellectuals is the most suitable place and an ambiance in which the available knowledge will be efficiently directed on strengthening the economic basis of the Bosniak people.

To lighten the middle-age Bosnian culture on the scientific basis, the Council has established the Department for tending middleage Bosnian inheritance. Its main goal is the reaffirmation of the consciousness of the middle-age Bosnian country as an important epoch in the continuity of the development of B&H.


As a non-party and non-governmental association, the Congress of Bosniak intellectuals tends to gather as many Bosniak intellectuals as possible in order to organize integral, synchronized and effective activities in the whole B&H and abroad to support the realization of vital interests of Bosniaks. Members of the Congress of Bosniak intellectuals can be all Bosniak intellectuals who accept the Statute and Program. They are being organized by establishing Boards of the Council of the Congress of Bosniak intellectuals in cantonal and municipal headquarters.

The plenary session of the Congress of Bosniak intellectuals chose the members of the Council. Furthermore, those members are electing some of them for the President and secretary-general. The Council of the Congress, also, elects its Executive board.